The Reardon Family

The Reardon Family

The curiosity of 3 year old George, the cute little giggles of 22month old Stella, they’re adoring parents Ben and Bec. This shoot was so fun and vibrant so I decided it needed to be on the blog!

Actually our session was the day before George turned 3!  And even though he face planted after this next photo, he recovered pretty well and continued trying to figure out if he was into this whole thing…I’d say he decided it was actually ok, there were plenty of smiles that followed…

Miss Stella was just warming up here… her cuteness explodes… keep scrolling!

I am no therapist but I think a family that has fun together stays together 🙂 Well… Surely thats part of it! These guys are the real deal! So fun!

Can we just acknowledge Bec’s styling! Not a word of advice from me and she nailed it! Coordinating and not too ‘matchy matchy’ and just the right amount of pattern and layering!

We had line outs, tickle wars, ring-a-rosy, and lots of silly noises and craziness.

Even a little singing to keep their attention! SO CUTE!

The ‘in between’ moments are often my favourite 🙂

Sometimes as parents we get so caught up in parenting that we forget to pay attention to each other! Not the case with these love birds…I really loved that these two were just as keen to have photos with each other as they were with the kids.

Bec sent me a text that really sums up so perfectly the kind of feedback that keeps me passionate… I asked her if she minded me adding her words here… This is what she said;

“Thanks so much for taking our photos!! Such a special memory to have. Normally I am on the other side of the camera and always getting photos of Ben with the kids or try and take selfies with me and them, so I will treasure these more than you know.”

I don’t know what else to say, it just makes me so happy that these guys love their photos and will treasure them! My work! Treasured!


Thanks for having me Ben & Bec 🙂