Annelise and Mohsen

On the 18 August, I was given the most beautiful opportunity to be second shooter for the most beautiful boho Wedding!

Being a Mum, it has felt natural (and exciting!) for me to photograph maternity and birth, children and families. But, after shooting this Wedding i’m definitely excited by the idea of photographing beautiful, done up willing subjects!

Weddings kind of scared me initially because, in my mind, it meant working with difficult lighting and important ‘DO NOT MISS THIS NOT TO BE REPEATED’ type moments! But…I decided the only way to grow is to take opportunities to learn, so when Suz from Soul Photographic offered for me to be second shooter for her on Annelise and Mohsen’s Wedding I decided I would do it, even if I was nervous (and a little terrified!).

I acknowledged (to myself) my inexperience and took the opportunity to learn and i’m SO glad I did. Weddings bring so much joy and photographing natural moments of genuine love was such an honour.

Each couple have their story. I remember the beginnings of my own love story and am reminded of the little things (including the good, the bad and the ugly!) that have led us to where we are now. I really love learning the details of how people get together and what has led them to where they are. This couples beautiful story (the snippet that was shared with me during their day), is one of overcoming. It was such a beautiful thing to see Mohsen Facetiming his family throughout the day as they were unable to make it to Australia to be at his Wedding. I was even able to give a friendly ‘Hi from Australia’ wave, right after capturing this shot.

The ceremony was truly amazing. Mohsen sang Annelise down the Isle and they shared such beautiful vows that they had written themselves. Annelise is a talented pianist and Mohsen a wonderful Opera singer and so the couple performed a song for their guests to say thank you. It was stunning to watch.

After sharing in afternoon tea with their guests. The newly married couple, Suz (Soul Photographics) and I jumped in a car and headed to a beautiful park around the corner where we were able to capture beautiful intimate moments.


I feel so blessed to have been there to witness this Wedding Day and I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph it.

Thank you Mohsen and Annelise! And thank you Suz! I will always remember this, such a beautiful experience.