A Teddy Bear Picnic

A Teddy Bear Picnic

For Miss Avalene’s first birthday, we organised a teddy bears picnic…

Avalene invited her cousins and she was lucky enough to have her Aunty bake some delicious goodies! The girls bought along their favourite teddies and the Mamas and I watched them enjoy their perfectly decorated teddy bear picnic.

The girls at Pop up Picnics Toowoomba were so wonderful to deal with and decorated the most beautiful picnic, one I just know the girls (and their Mamas) will remember.

We decided to set up the picnic at the family property where Avalene’s Mummy (and her siblings) grew up, the most magical tree made the perfect backdrop and as it turns out, this was one of the Mamas favourite trees growing up. They would play and explore in the yard which made this little picnic all the more special for them.

If you would like a picnic for your special event, I would highly recommend the girls at Pop up Picnics Toowoomba and I would LOVE to photograph it for you! It’ll be a memory you’ll want captured 🙂